Tape 3

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Tape 3


We were always so intrigued by the quartets and groups on the radio. Particularly in that era of time, they were the “big deal”. This style of music has never gone away but for so many has taken a less prominent role. Even with the changing of time, I (we) am marked by this music and its message. I’m thankful!

Charles was a hoot every time we practiced. When he sang, his voice was pure and youthful. He showed all of us how gifted he was by achieving his doctorate in music. Proud of him!

Donald was a good big brother! He loved music and enjoyed introducing us and introducing each song. He had a rich voice that soloed or sang bass. I miss him so much!!

Glen has always loved music! He loved when the family sang together and still does. In our young days, he sang great baritone. He continues to sing in his church choir but now sings incredible bass!

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