Tape 1

The audio on one side of this tape appears to be from the Rye Quartet. At some point, they are introduced with ages: Wanda age 14, Alton age 16, Glen age 18 and Donald age 20. Charles has some guest appearances and would have been age 12 I believe.

Given that some of the writing on the boxes doesn’t fully match up to some information mentioned on the tapes, I decided the best way to organize things would be to stack the tapes then randomly number them with post it notes.

I also made an attempt to capture song titles and names of those singing but… Maybe you all can help fill in the missing details.

This tape ends with Donald reciting the following poem.


I have only just a minute, just 60 seconds in it

Forced upon me, can’t refuse it

Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it

I must suffer if I lose it, give account if I abuse it

Just a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it


Tape 2

The audio for the Beulahland A/G radio broadcast appears to be to first radio broadcast from the church. It may have replaced Crossett First A/G broadcast at least for a while.


Tape 3

Tape 4

This tape is from the IRA Smith Family from Stockton, CA. Sending greetings, prayers and songs via tape instead of writing a letter.


Tape 5

This tape has several types of content from the Rye Quartet to studying for a test on the novel by Thornton Wilder “The Bridge of San Luis Rey”. Plus “Singspiration” under the direction of Charles Rye from Feb. 22-23 1964.


Many of the tape boxes all look the same from the front. This image shows the only unique image from this tape.

Tape 6

This tape suffered from age and is sometimes hard to hear through the noise. However, there was some fun audio recorded over a section of the church service audio with the Rye kids and friends. I think I recognize my dad maybe in part of this. There is also a funny “call” looking for the Termite Queen.


Tape 7

Tape 8

This tape was also severely damaged and the audio is less than optimal. It appears to be the music from a recorded church service.


Tape 9

Tape 10

Tape 11

Tape 12

Tape 13

This may be the broken end of tape 1 on hind sight. There was some time that passed between when I started and and finished this project. The box shown had a lot of writing and was apparently used for many different things. I’m posting this separately because of the box content and that I was able to get the other side of the tape. So while some of the audio may be the same as tape 1, there is additional audio that was captured from the other side of the tape.


Tape 14

Tape 15

This tape is just a good old fashion singing. There are several people mentioned as they make requests or come up to lead or sing the next song. A lot of folks from Arkansas of course including several quartets that traveled to this meeting. One of the names that stood out was Ms. Nolan Jeffress. Not sure if there is any connection the Jeffress from the Crossett area. She’s mentioned as the writer of the song That’s When the Lord Moves In.



Tape 16

Tape 17

This tape has Gilbert Jenkins name on the cover. There is some playing and singing but a lot of this is recorded from the radio I think.


Tape 18